Thursday, June 5, 2008

African Dream


25 August 2007: NEW BABIES

About a year ago my husband, Johan and I attended his 20 year school reunion. A School friend of his, Schalk has a farm, about 70km from Gobabis. He told us about the big problem that they have with wild cats killing of about 40 - 60 calves of his herd of cattle. Especially cheetahs. I asked him if they ever get a mother with babies. He replied: sometimes. I told him that it was always my dream of raising a cheetah cub. He promised me that he would phone me as soon as they would get any.

Well, on the 25th of August, one year later. Schalk said that they have a mother with one cub caught in a cage. There is also 3 more cubs walking around the cage and do I want them. I was awe strucked for seconds. My answer: "Of course. What do I have to do to get them?"
He said that if I will come and collect them he, will try to catch the other 3 cubs as well.
Johan and I was so excited, that we could almost not think what to do. Johan asked me: "How old are they?" And of course I did not have a clue. I was so happy about the cubs and so overwhelmed at "4" of them, that I totally forgot to ask.

It turned out that we traveled the 170km to the farm collected the four babies. They were already 8 weeks old. This was a bit of a worry to me. I wondered if I would ever be able to tame them, because of the fact that they were so big already? About 70cm high when they sit up straight. They were very wild, hissing and try to scratch you.
I was so extatic, but worried if I would ever be able to win their trust. Will I ever be able to touch them, scratch them, fed them by hand. They were so wild and of course very scared of human beings.

5 September 2007: FIRST WEEKS

The first Saturday, all the cubs was bathed in my bathroom, nails were clipped. Needless to say Johan, got a lot of scrathes and bites, as he was the one handeling the little "hell cats". Thank you, my darling.
We moved them to a bigger cage. I was now able to go into the cage, feed them by hand, and try to stroke them when they are eating.
We also give them their "cat-flu" injections. They are now getting more tame by the day.


Family: Family FelicaeScientific Name: Acinonyx jubatus
Cats are the most developed of the carnivores for the hunting of live prey. Their main diet is meat.
Cheetahs are coved with black spots. Leopards have round rosettes of spots. The King cheetah have variants of spots and stripes.
The cheetah is skin is short, soft hair. Up to 12 weeks it has a short mane from the back of the neck to the shoulders.
The claws of a cheetah is permanently exposed, unlike other cats. In this way it is more like a dog.
The total length of a male cheetah is 2 metres. Their weight: 60kg. The female's weight can be up to 48kg.


Cheetahs are predators and therefore need a daily intake of fresh meat. This means that each adult cheetah need at least 2kg of fresh meat daily. This amounts to 60kg of fresh meat per month for each cheetah.We will be able to sponsor 200 Euro per cheetah, per month. For the rest we need your help.

5 October 2007 : CHEETAHS COLLAPSE

It is time for breakfast and I am on my daily rounds.Cheetah feeding time. To my surprise one of the cats: Dino, can not stand on his feet. I immediately phoned the vet to inquire what might be wrong. The cats already had their cat-flu injections and their anti-worm injections.Apparantly they need lots of extra calcium, daily. And I thought a bird or two every week would do the trick.Not so!! To my surprise. They need a daily intake of 5ml of calcium and mineral powder everyday, in addition to the meat and milk. There immune defense system is also very low due to the huge amount of worms that were in their bodies.
So now we have to catch each of them, cortisone injections to help them recover and daily calcium and minerals.
I am turning out to be quiet the vet!! Who would have ever thought.

5 November 2007: MANE FALLING OUT

I can not beleive that 2 months has gone by. Amazing how much the four cubs have grown, almost the size of a medium dog. The cheetahs have long mane from behind their heads to the end of their necks. When they are aggresive the mane stand up. The hair is now starting to fall out. Apparently at the age of 8 months all the hair will have fallen out.

10 January 2008 - TEETH FALLING OUT

The cheetah's are getting bigger by the day. Mane falling out more, just short stumps left.
They also start loosing their baby teeth. First the front in the middle in the top jaw and then the 4 in the middle of the bottom jaw.
They have also doubled in size and weight since we got them in September.
Getting also more aggressive when eating towards each other.


Today is one of the saddest days in my life but I have to make a decision. The cage that I am keeping the cheetahs in is getting to small.
The cheetahs is now one year old this month.
I have not received any financial aid or sponsors to date.I need assistance urgently.
I have contacted a close friend, Mr Gerald Becker he lives near Gobabis. He has 5 cheetahs in a huge camp. They are his pets and no visitors or tourists are allowed to see them.
I asked him to keep 3 of the cheetahs for me until I have the funds to build and fence a camp for them.
He agreed and is willing to help me take care of the cheetahs.


How do I make a choice? Which one should I keep? My cage is big enough for one only? This is a terrible day for me. I love them all so much.

3 April 2008 : PRAYERS

I have not slept at all. Prayed alot and decided I will keep the last one left in the cage.

4 April 2008 : TIME TO SAY GOODBYE

Gerald came with his 4x4. We lured the cheetahs into a travel cage with meat. Three went in: Lady, Dino and Cleo.
The last one out was Ceasar.
I have never cried so much.
My babies has left for their new home.
Luckily I found someone who is wonderful with animals and has been taking care of cheetahs for most of his adult life. It is a true heaven for them.
So I have some comfort in that they will be looked after amazingly well.

10 April 2008 : NEW HOME

I visited the cheetah's new home.
Wonderful, they are so happy. Perfectly adaptedwith 4 other female cheetahs.
Dino is in seventh heaven. 6 Females to keep him happy at least.

20 April 2008 : WEEKLY UPDATES

I am weekly in contact with Gerald to check on the cheetahs.
They have adapted amazingly well.
I am so happy.

20 May 2008 : MY DREAM

It is my dream to have all of the cheetahs or at least one female back by September this year.
I would at least like to give Ceasar a female partner and be able to fence and build a camp for them. I would also like to provide for all their needs.Daily calcium and mineral intake as well as their daily portion of fresh meat.
Please every body if you can sponsor 1 Dollar or Rand. Please contact me. I need your help.
I am trying to save up all I can.

Please help me build a camp for Ceasar!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Our Adventure

Four new babies

We saved four cheetah cubs from certain death. The mother and four cubs were captured on a cattle farm. They were kept in a cage. The owner phoned me and asked if would be interested in four cubs.
He knew its my passion to care for wild animals.
I am crazy about them and to me they are the most magnificent of all the African cats.
We saved four cheetah cubs.
Please help us in providing the perfect home for them.

Sponsor a cheetah

Cheetahs are predators and therefore need a daily intake of fresh meat. This means that each adult cheetah need at least 2kg of fresh meat daily. This amounts to 60kg of fresh meat per month for each cheetah.
We will be able to sponsor 200 Euro per cheetah, per month. For the rest we need your help.

Sponsorship for a cheetah per year:

A DONATOR will get:

7 days of free accommodation
Free meals
Daily Game drive on game farm

Come and experience cheetah magic

We hope that you can help us

From : Cleo (female), Lady (female), Ceaser (male) and Dino (male) (Four Cheetah Cubs)

Contact details:
Wilma de Waal
Rus-en-Vrede Game Ranch
P.O. Box 62
Namibia Africa
Tel: 264 62 581034
Fax: 264 62 682108